Last Minute LSAT Advice

Last minute LSAT Advice

For those of you taking the LSAT this Saturday, I wanted to offer you best wishes as well as some last minute advice.

Cramming Does Not Work — there’s not much more that studying and/or practice can do at this point.  Instead, get your mind and body in shape. 

Get Plenty of Sleep —to help you fall asleep, try taking a relaxing bath, or turn on the radio to a classical music or oldies station. 

Eat Well — This is not the time to experiment with foods and risk upsetting your stomach.   Make sure to eat breakfast Saturday morning, and bring a snack for the break.  Don’t forget to drink enough water — this is a physical endurance event almost as much as a mental one and your body needs fluids.

Make sure you know exactly how to get to your testing center on Saturday and how you’re getting there.  If driving yourself, make sure you know where to park.  You do not want to worry about these things on the day of the test. 

 Do not forget to breathe!  During the test, tension can make your breathing patterns irregular, and interrupt the normal oxygen flow to your brain.  Make sure to take a couple of deep breaths every 15 minutes or so during the test, to get your body back on track.

 Stretch– this will get the oxygen and blood flowing again.

Relax–  The other thing you need to relax about right now is the rest of your application materials.  This week is about the LSAT; you can turn to the rest on December 3rd (after an appropriate and well-earned day of rest).  Scores won’t be available to the schools until the first week of January, so you still have several weeks to finish your personal statements, resumes, and other application materials.


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